You would expect to read here about Audionut and what I can offer you, and you will, but I thought I would begin with a condensed story on the road that lead here. Well, I’m over the half-century mark in age and I’ve been in love with music and hi-fi since I was a teenager. In 1978 at the age of 14, I blew all my savings to purchase a three-in-one stereo system. You never forget your first. For a young lad it was just right. I could play loud the music that I loved and it had lots of bass. As well as the music bug the hi-fi bug had now bitten too.

Soon I was reading all the hi-fi magazines and books I could lay my hands on. It wasn’t long before I was on the road of upgrades. NZ was very restricted on imported hi-fi goods until 1983 so the gear that one reads in audio magazines prior to then was hard to come by, the local hi-fi shops had a very limited range. Thankfully, there were ways around this. Over the years wonderful gear (many of them now classics) and not so wonderful gear came and went but at each stage I was having lots of fun and was learning a tremendous amount about system matching but best of all I was meeting other music lovers.

Meeting other music lovers helped expand my music palette. Classical, country, folk, jazz etc was something I would never had considered as I was listening to rock, blues and pop, but when some older audio guys came for a listening session they bought along music of the genera mentioned and I heard what I was missing out on. I was hooked. They in turn were hooked on what they heard from my ever evolving system. Many would come to me asking how they could improve their sound and if I could source the gear that was required. This went on for many years until one day in 1984 I opened my little hi-fi shop specialising in mid to high end products. Because it was a small setup one on one service came with the size and this proved to be very popular. As the years past, I decided to change the plan slightly an looked towards importing hi-fi products I thought interesting and perhaps different from the norm.

In 2001 I restructured and opened Audionut.Net Ltd as an import/retail company, moved to a new location and switched to a “by appointment only” concept. Products are chosen for their ability to make the emotional connection. They’re not normally high profile items as the manufacturers are generally a small Artisan company and don’t spend a fortune on marketing so they fly under the radar. Word of mouth does the job of advertising, which in my opinion is the best way and strangely enough, this is how word spreads about my company.

In a nutshell, you and I love music and dream to have the recorded event reproduced in our home. We want to connect with the music that we love on an emotional level. We want to be drawn into the performance, to close our eyes an imagine them playing before us or to be transported into their world, holding our breath in anticipation of the next note. These are some of the ideals we want and I do my best to make it happen.

My ultimate enjoyment though is to share my many years of experience and knowledge so you too can have fun with hi-fi. Please accept my warmest invitations to visit me at Audionut, and audition the variety of hand-selected artisan hi-fi products I have on offer all within a relaxed no pressure environment. Look forward to seeing you soon.

I wish you all good listening.

Mark Erceg