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Kuzma releases new flagship arm.

After five-years of concerted research and development,
an effort that has refined our existing designs and practices as well as introducing entirely new and unique materials, the revolutionary
SAFIR 9 tonearm is finally ready for launch. A significant step forward
in performance.


..All in all, the Lab12 Integre4 was a thoroughly excellent-sounding integrated amplifier. Its powerful, punchy, dynamic sound was a treat for the ears, and its fine timing did justice to all genres of music. . . .the Integre4 might be the most versatile, well-rounded tube amp anywhere near its price…”
Oliver Amnuayphol

 SoundStage review


“This is simply the most engaging and satisfying cartridge I’ve come across in years: a future classic – now.” 
Roy Gregory

“This one’s a keeper. The Fuuga stays.” 
Roy Gregory

The Audio Beat Fuuga review


Aesthetix Mimas Integrated Amplifier given 2019 Product of the Year and Golden Ear distinctions from The Absolute Sound. 

The Absolute Sound Mimas review


…I genuinely cannot recommend this DAC highly enough and sincerely considered creating a new “Editors Choice” award for it- it is that good a sounding bit of kit…”
Stuart Smith

Hifi Pig LAB 12 DAC Reference 


The Atlas Eclipse Monos are a celebration of hybrid design fully realized—truly deserving to be called Product of the Year. 
The Absolute Sound (January 2021)

The Absolute Sound review.